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Agreements for Life in a path of love and peace

We are the product – I know that the term is strong – of a society founded on truths, those we no longer question and that we make ours. To which we identify and from which we create our dreams of life. From which we believe to be free. But these conditionings are limited to the frame of fear, often hate or shame, low self-esteem and life constraints.

The connection with the very first force – that of life – that can direct our perception, our feeling of ourselves, our thoughts and our actions, liberate us from these limiting frameworks and opens up to a space of freedom. But as for any path, on that of freedom – that of being simply and fully oneself – there are steps and aids for each step.

The word Toltec means « artist ». In order to be the artist of our own life and to unfold our art with generosity, we need some tools, as the painter needs his concentration, his observation, his sensitivity, his courage, his inspiration, just as much as he needs brushes and colors. The Toltec Agreements, known as the Four Agreements – now five – are the tools we can use to express our art on a daily basis and make our lives our most precious work of art, like an ever blossoming masterpiece.

The approach of these Agreements by Biodanza confers on them the power of the vivencia: the contract is not mental and does not come from a resolution. The deep contact is made by “agreeing” with the very source from which the agreement arises. By total adherence to what gave it life, the agreement becomes consistent and in harmony with the organizing forces of life. During this workshop, we will « incorporate » these five agreements, supported by the integrative power of the vivencia in Biodanza on a path of fullness and unity.

This workshop was given for the very first time in September 2011. It is a creation based on the daily practice of the teachings of Miguel Ruiz and Miguel Ruiz Jr. and their « repercussion » in my professional practice and in my personal environment, as a mother, a partner, a teacher, a citizen of the world.

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