Chargement Evènements

From movement to dance, from nature to grace

As a dance proposal, Biodanza gives high importance to retrieving an integrated and harmonious way of moving, of expressing our identity in movement, especially in its natural dimension. That is to say that a person who has the feeling of moving freely, may fell free from the conditionings that limit her expression.

Indeed, our movement reflects our deep mood and our way of being in the world. It speaks for us. In this module, we approach the movement in a prospective of integration of human potentials which lie within the natural patterns of movement. The approach is above all systemic and integrates the main categories of the human movement. For each of the categories, we see how to facilitate its appropriation by the person. For example,

  • The balance
  • The power and adjustment of tonus
  • The flexibility
  • The extension and the sinuosity
  • The fluidity
  • Expressiveness and sensitivity…

…and so much more to discover and express through our own dance: how is it organized, what is its color according to whether it has its source in consciousness or in emotion, in conditioning or in spontaneity, in repression or in full expression., in model or essence.

Should you be interested, please contact the organizer directly.

Aneta Končulová, 723 590 119

Markéta Hrabalová, 734 123 704