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Biodanza and Self-esteem, is a workshop designed to deepen – by means of the experience – the understanding on how biodanza can support the healthy strengthening of our identity.

Many people live a whole life with a low self-esteem, the feeling of not being good enough, of not having value or even being in a situation where they do not have contact with whom they are, where they are too exposed to other’s opinions. In such cases, they may not have the resources to stand for themselves, their deep needs, desires and even opinion. The result is the difficulty in being able to choose “from the bottom or their hearts” and act accordingly in the different fields of human existence.

When self-esteem is very high it also may cause the person to be too rigid and difficult to live with. Therefore, both low and high self-esteem present aspects to be nourished and amplified and other which need to be transformed.

Identity and Self Esteem is one of the most important and significant workshop one deserves to experience. A real turning point.

For any information regarding the workshop, you are kindly requested to contact the organizer – Jade Wepener – by e.mail.
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