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The origin of the universe is an enigma, which has always held an extraordinary fascination for the human spirit.

This has given birth to different theories – both biological and spiritual – regarding the origin of the universe in order to understand, explain or to represent the passage of chaos towards order and the placement of the human being within.

The same principles, which form the basis of these classical cosmogonies, continue fertilizing the imagination and unconscious of the human beings, in the form of symbols and archetypes.

Earth, Air, Fire and Water are among these archetypes that activate real « hormones » in us. The elements stimulate sensory representations of bodily experiences (feelings, emotions and behaviors) that contribute to the intimate integration of the tangible.
On the human level, individual evolution is related to the « organizing » power of each element. A balanced and harmonious expression of our inner Four Elements will therefore be one of the major keys to our personal integration and our relationship to the cosmic totality.

The proposed ‘Identity and Four Elements’ in Biodanza, is based upon the structural analysis of each participant, aiming to stimulate the most inhibited elements and balance the more excessive.
Through dance, invocation and the realization of symbolic vivencias, everyone can find their inner « Alchemist » who is able to transform mundane existence into an experience of a life of plentitude; able to draw a path from the chaos and the flatness towards more order and wholeness.

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