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Dancing literally propels us in the very heart of a very unique and whole experience: the intense feeling of being alive here and now. Feeling and expressing our will to live, our joy bursts, our energy:  our vitality
Feeling and expressing our natural tendency to pleasure, to make choices on the basis of what we truly like, of our desires: our sexuality.
Feeling and expressing our impulse to innovate, to change, to evolve, to open our existential horizon: our creativity.
Feeling and expressing our capacity to create sincere and nourishing relationships with our fellowmen, with the other unique and different: our affectivity.
Feeling and expressing our legitimate need to find our place in the world, based on our desire to live, to show our preferences, to cherish our dreams, to evolve, to be close to our inner world as well as to the world around us, to find a meaning to our life: our transcendence.

The integration between all five « paths » that Biodanza allows, is an invitation to a fulfilled existence. It allows a process for an ongoing expansion of our potentials. Vivencia is what leads to this integration.

Five paths for an exploration
Five canals of expression for oneness
Five roots to rise and stand
Five groups of potentials for an integrated identity
Five lines to design a consistent Biodanza

Vital renovation
Pleasure as inner compass
Coherent and creative expression
Deepness of intimacy and commitment
Awareness opening

This continuous learning workshop is designed for Biodanza teachers and students in their last year of education. It will present the most significant dances for each one of the lines – or paths – as well as indications for a best preparation leading to the deepening. Most of the dances have been created by Rolando Toro Araneda. Some need to be clearly presented so that their objective and execution is not deviated from the source.
Some other dances that have been introduced by myself will also be presented.

We will explore different approaches for the key exercises and dances so that they may allow the participants to reach a deeper level of vivencia and higher level of integration.

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