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Knowing how to use and rely on music…a fine art

Learning to master the use of the power of music in the induction of integrative vivencias is part of the art of facilitation.
The « exercise-music » pairing constitutes a subtle alchemy of Biodanza methodology, and obeys both clear and complex semantic criteria.

The music made available to the facilitator is that whose action has been evaluated. And this choice does not depend on personal preference. The facilitator doesn’t use music because he likes it. But because they generate specific vivencias. In this module, we look in detail at the criteria that will guide our choices, in order to refine our perception of the deflagrating power of music: in the immediate vivencia and in the process.

Listen to music according to clear semantic notions.
Evaluate the deflagrating power of each piece of music, so that the path to emotion, motricity and vivencia is as easily accessible as possible.
Identify the physiological mobilization, emotion and motricity it induces.
Associate the qualities of each piece of music with the objectives contained in each exercise.
Identify the depth and intensity of the music chosen, according to the group’s capacity for vitality (musical progressiveness).
Ensure aesthetic harmony in the association of music to create the session (musical bath).

Should you want to join :

Should you respond to the pre-requisites to join this module of the training program in Biodanza, please be so kind as to contact the organizer directly.
Teaching will be held in English with a translation into Dutch.