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« When I dance it, I become my desire » Rolando Toro Araneda

Its roots plunge into the land of instinct.
Its trunk stands on the power of action.
Its branches unfold in the infinite universe of encounters, promises, imagination, possibilities, and dreams.
Its seasons seem like a game between presence and absence.

Between what is given and what is missing, Its fruits have the flavor of fulfillment.
It is the alliance between the forces of the depths of need and the free innocence of the promises of life.

Such is « The Tree of Desires »

To support its growth, however, we need how to:

  • Make the difference between needing, desiring and dreaming.
  • Identify the nature and dynamics of our desires.
  • Make the difference between expressing a desire and realizing it.
  • Make the difference between the satisfaction of a passing whim and achieving a deep aspiration.
  • Recognize our contradictions and our paradoxes.
  • Learn to choose which desire will carry our action.

This is mainly what this workshop is about.

The objective is to awaken our potentialities of realization. To stimulate our courage, our daring, our passion so that we may at the same time make clear choices when possible and surrender to the unknown. Dancing our desire, we may free all its vitality and all the poetry of living. We learn how to cherish our own fruit.

Each participant will be invited to filling up his “Tree of Desires”, identifying the central ones.
These will generate the “Star of Desire” and the dances will be proposed in order to “incorporate” their specific energy.
As Rolando Toro Araneda says, “when I dance it, I become my desire”.

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