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We have a natural disposition to lower our defenses, to stop approaching the relationship to the world and life as a fight, as a challenge. If this makes us explorers and creators of our world by changing our perception, they can also stimulate our innermost strength: our Vital Unconscious.

The natural ability to slow down, to trust, to abandon oneself with the innocence of the child in the arms of a human and surrounding nature perceived as merciful, protective and nurturing, helps to strengthen the natural mechanisms of organic repair.

It also contributes to change our perception of ourselves and the world. From feeling separate, we may become as one. From unique, we feel alike. Instead of being separate, we belong.

The trance and regression as they are approached and proposed in Biodanza are a call to the deep forces of life in their most hedonistic dimension.
One repairs us…the other connects us with our fellow ones. Together they invite us to unity.

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